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Orientation, Part I: Neutral Side.

In the land of what was once known as Earth, the humans engaged in a huge war between five separate factions of authority and power amongst themselves. All wanted the power, but even they fought amongst themselves, without proper leaders to guide them. Earth had entered dark days, which reigned for years, with the war still continuing. All came to an end when a hero emerged, all clad in black, with the shadows as his ally and the future in sight, and on his very own, destroyed the corrupt usurpers and established his own colony in the sky as a great flood destroyed Earth. He is forever worshipped as the Shadow Lord, an ironic name for a true hero.

An entire millennium has passed since then, and history is repeating itself. The Colony in the Sky is beginning to fall with the abuse of the power that keeps it in place. The governing party, over wise known as the Benorians, are desperate to keep the Colony the way it has always been: somewhat corrupt, but only to an extent, to ensure that the economy remains strong. Whilst a shadowy organization of ‘terrorists’ known as the Lesp, see the Benorians as unworthy of their power and wish to establish their own party, with their own politically experienced people in power, even if that results.

But this isn’t all. The Benorians have created their own ‘Super-Soldier’, pumping a strong-willed politician from the same power that the Shadow Lord once had. The only problem is, the Lesp interfered with the procedures that created him, as a master strike against the Benorians, and now the Super-Soldier is a high-security prisoner, falsely accused of manslaughter. With a vendetta against both the Benorians AND the Lesp, the prisoner will have to forgive and forget one, and end the war… or at least try…

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a-touch-of-stardust asked: I was expecting an intense love story for a second there sir, I was beginning to be surprised :p Still even though it wasn't as I expected it was definitely enjoyable :)

I don’t think I could write an intense love story and enjoy it while I’m writing. Thank you sir, I’m glad you enjoyed it :)